Opening SizeStandard WireHeavy WireHeavy Duty Wire
1.2mm (3/64″).50mm (.020″).65mm (.026″)
1.5mm (1/16″).65mm (.026″).80mm (.031″)*
2mm (3/32″).65mm (.026″).80mm (.031″)*
3mm (1/8″).80mm (.031″)*1.0mm (.039″)
4mm (5/32″)1.0mm (.039″)1.2mm (.047″)
5mm (3/16″)1.0mm (.039″)1.2mm (.047″)
6mm (1/4″)1.2mm (.047″)1.4mm (.055″)2.0mm (.079″)
8mm (5/16″)1.4mm (.055″)1.6mm (.063″)2.0mm (.079″)
10mm (3/8″)1.4mm (.055″)1.6mm (.063″)2.0mm (.079″)
12mm (1/2”)1.6mm (.063″)1.8mm (.070″)*2.0mm (.079″)
16mm (5/8″)2.0mm (.079″)2.5mm (.098″)3.0mm (.118″)
19mm (3/4″)2.0mm (.079″)2.5mm (.098″)3.0mm (.118″)

*Only available in Carbon Wire

Steel TypeThickness
MAX 400
3/8″ Thick
1/2″ Thick
3/4″ Thick
1″ Thick
1 1/4″ Thick
1 1/2″ Thick
2″ Thick
60mm Thick
3″ Thick

*Other thicknesses and steel grades available upon request

Round Profile

Piano Wire round profile

Crowned Profile

Piano Wire crowned profile

Square Profile

Piano Wire square profile

The hooks shown below are examples of common types, however, the hook shape, as well as the backleg and throat dimensions, can be customized for any machine.

U Hook

Common End-Tension Hook Style

Square Hook

Common End-Tension Hook Style

30°- 60° Hook

Common Side-Tension Hook Style