Opening SizeStandard WireHeavy WireHeavy Duty Wire
1.2mm (3/64″).50mm (.020″).65mm (.026″)
1.5mm (1/16″).65mm (.026″).80mm (.031″)
2mm (3/32″).65mm (.026″).80mm (.031″)
3mm (1/8″).80mm (.031″)1.0mm (.039″)
4mm (5/32″)1.0mm (.039″)1.2mm (.047″)
5mm (3/16″)1.0mm (.039″)1.2mm (.047″)
6mm (1/4″)1.2mm (.047″)1.4mm (.055″)2.0mm (.079″)
8mm (5/16″)1.4mm (.055″)1.6mm (.063″)2.0mm (.079″)
10mm (3/8″)1.4mm (.055″)1.6mm (.063″)2.0mm (.079″)
12mm (1/2”)1.6mm (.063″)1.8mm (.070″)*2.0mm (.079″)
16mm (5/8″)2.0mm (.079″)2.5mm (.098″)3.0mm (.118″)
19mm (3/4″)2.0mm (.079″)2.5mm (.098″)3.0mm (.118″)

*Only available in Carbon Wire

Steel TypeThickness
MAX 400
3/8″ Thick
1/2″ Thick
3/4″ Thick
1″ Thick
1 1/4″ Thick
1 1/2″ Thick
2″ Thick
60mm Thick
3″ Thick

*Other thicknesses and steel grades available upon request

Round Profile

Crowned Profile

Square Profile

Typical End-Tension U Hook

Typical End-Tension Square Hook

Typical Side-Tension 30° Hook

Typical Side-Tension 45° Hook

Typical Side-Tension 90° Hook

*Don’t see a hook that fits your machine? Speak to a Customer Service Rep to order a custom hook type.