About Us

30 Years of Quality American Manufacturing

About Us

30 Years of Quality American Manufacturing

The Samscreen


It all starts with

Quality Domestic Materials…

In order to ensure consistent high-quality inputs and crucially, the consistent availability of those inputs, Samscreen maintains a supply base exclusively within North America. All of our raw materials must meet strict tolerances and pass a rigorous quality inspection before reaching the manufacturing floor. Samscreen allows only the highest quality ASTM certified North American steel to be used in our products.

Many screen manufacturers cut costs by gambling on lower quality imported raw materials, knowing that a certain percentage of that material will fail in the field. Samscreen knows that there are no short cuts when it comes to quality and we aren’t willing to gamble with your production time. Does your current screen supplier use exclusively high-quality domestic materials? If they don’t specify one way or the other, material quality is likely where they are cutting their costs… potentially at your expense!

100% American Steel

And a manufacturing process built around

Speed, Flexibility & Precision …

Lean, highly efficient manufacturing is just a starting point for Samscreen. We know that unexpected, urgent and custom orders are a fact of life in the mining and quarrying industry so we’ve built intelligent flexibility into every phase of our process. Our system is designed to quickly and efficiently reallocate manufacturing resources, when necessary, to meet rapidly shifting priorities, without compromising speed or quality. Every screen we manufacture undergoes a detailed final inspection, ensuring that your screen is always a perfect fit.

Precision American Manufacturing

For the fastest on-time delivery of

The Right Screen Every Time!

Our lean, efficient, and highly flexible process allows us to get you the screens you need faster! At Samscreen we measure our lead-time in days, not weeks – shattering the industry standard lead-times set by our competitors. We also know that on the job site, where every second of down time costs money, accurate delivery is just as important as fast delivery! Giving you accurate ship dates is part of Samscreen’s commitment to you when you choose us as your supplier partner.

Construction Aggregates Processing

What does it mean to be a

Supplier Partner?

From our mix of screening products, to our innovative product features, to our agile manufacturing processes, to our lightning-fast delivery times and responsive customer service – Samscreen’s commitment to the success of our customers can be seen in every part of our business model. We believe that sustainable success is only built through a philosophy of long-term partnership with our customers, where trust is built over time by consistently delivering what we promise, when we promise it.

We’re not afraid to get out in the field and get dirty! If finding a solution to a screening challenge, requires climbing into a machine to get a closer look, than that’s where you’ll find us. We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied – that’s just how we’ve always operated, ever since we got our start in this industry 30 years ago.

Whether you are a dealer or an end user of screening media, we think you’ll like the difference that Samscreen’s philosophy makes for your business!

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