Why Choose Samscreen’s Shaped Wire Screens?

If you work in the aggregate field, then chances are you know how important it is to have the right screen for particular materials. Shaped wire screens, for instance, are classified as non-woven wire screens and offer unique benefits and solutions. Because they are not woven, each wire acts independently, making shaped wire an excellent choice for screening aggregates that often cause blinding and pegging.

What is pegging and blinding?

Pegging is the condition where near sized particles enter into an aperture and partially pass through it but then become “pegged” in the opening when a critical dimension is too large.  The particle cannot pass through the opening nor can it remove itself from the opening, thus closing the opening off and reducing the number of available apertures to other particles.  Blinding is the condition where particles adhere to the screen surface itself, commonly caused by moisture being present.  Once one particle adheres another will adhere to it and then another, setting of an exponential sequence which will eventually bridge across the openings and cause blinding. Samscreen’s shaped wire screens are made from individual pianowires not a woven cloth.  This allows each wire to act independently and vibrate independently of the others.

How does shaped wire screen prevent this?

Samscreen’s shaped wire screen is made from piano wire, which allows each individual wire to independently vibrate. That allows materials to pass through more easily, and keeps aggregate from sticking to the individual wires. Additionally, Samscreen’s shaped wire comes in three unique configurations, which means that you’ll find the perfect screen for virtually any application.

What types of shaped wire does Samscreen offer?

Samscreen offers shaped wire screen in the following configurations:

  • MAX-S: This shaped wire screen is made using premium grade music wire, which offers a superior impact and sliding abrasion resistance than oil tempered or high carbon wires. Each individual wire is crimped, allowing these screens to offer a high percentage of open area and tighter specification control.
  • MAX-V: This shaped wire screen configuration is very resistant to blinding when screening high moisture products, and provides exceptional screening efficiency without the drawback of passing slivers or chips. The reason this wire works so well is because the straight wire is heavier than the crimped wire and carries the load on the deck, while the crimped wire impedes the bridging of particles from wire to wire.
  • MAX-D: The MAX-D shaped wire screen is a hybrid of a piano wire screen and a woven screen. It has the same self-cleaning ability as piano wire, but enables the producer to make spec material, normally only obtainable to those who screen with two-dimensional screening media.

Why is Samscreen shaped wire screen the best choice?

As with all Maxwear™ Logo products, Samscreen’s shaped wire screens are infused with Maxwear™ technology, and are made with high-tensile piano wire and stainless steel wire. Customers will benefit from Samscreen’s extensive knowledge of screens, hooks and deck configurations, as well as their experience providing solutions to producers with hard-to-screen materials. Not to mention, Samscreen’s shaped wire screens are entirely manufactured in the USA from 100 percent domestic raw materials.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about Samscreen’s shaped wire screen, click here, or call us at (888) 344-3653, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be more than happy to assist you.