Replacement Trommel Screens For Your Machine & Application

replacement trommel drum screensIf you’re looking for a replacement trommel screen parts for your trommel machine, Samscreen can help. We manufacture a full line of trommel drum screens (typically referred to as drums) that are compatible with the industry’s leading manufacturers of trommel machines, like McCloskey, Doppstadt, Powerscreen, and many more.

A trommel is a screened cylinder that is used to separate aggregate materials according to size. Trommel screeners are particularly effective on lighter, wetter materials, like mulch, topsoil and compost. That’s because these machines provide a constant tumbling action that stirs up the material, adding air to lighten it, keeping it in closer contact with the rotating screen. This allows more material to slip through faster and easier.

Samscreen provides trommel screening solutions for many applications.

Trommel machines provide an excellent solution for screening:

Samscreen will help you find just the right trommel screen for your application. We know no two machines and no two materials are the same, so we’ll work with you to provide a superior solution. With the quickest turnaround time in the industry, we’ll get your trommel screen to you quickly, so your machine will be back up and running fast.

Samscreen manufactures replacement trommel screens to fit the industry’s leading machine brands.

Samscreen can manufacture a replacement trommel screen to your specifications for most equipment brands, which include:

For your convenience we provide complete trommel drum replacements. In addition, we can wrap existing drums with either punch plate or woven wire.

Complete Replacement Trommel Drums

Samscreen is pleased to provide complete trommel replacement units, the ideal solution to your replacement screen needs. We offer trommel replacement units for virtually every application, and for the industry’s leading brands of trommel equipment.

Punch Plate Trommel Drums

If you need a trommel screen replacement for your heavy-duty screening application, Samscreen can provide you with an economical solution. Samscreen can wrap your existing trommel drum unit with our exclusive Maxwear™ punch plate.

Trommel Units Wrapped with Woven Wire

Samscreen can provide an economical solution to your replacement trommel drum screen needs. We have the capability of wrapping your existing trommel drum unit with our woven wire cloth screen made from galvanized or carbon steel.

Rated among the best in the industry, our trommel screens are used worldwide in a variety of applications. So if a trommel screen is what you need, contact us today at (888) 344-3653, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.