Summertime Screening Applications

If you’ve ever taken the scenic (or not-so-scenic) route on your way to a summertime getaway, you’ve probably encountered some construction delays along the way. During the summer months in the Northeast, the construction industry gets to work paving and repairing roads before the chill of winter hits once again. And because the construction industry is booming during the summer months, the aggregate industry naturally follows suit.

Of the 10 leading states that produce aggregate materials for the construction industry, more than one-third of them are located in Region 9, or what is considered to be the Northeast region of aggregate mining. Aggregates typically used in the construction industry include sand, gravel and crushed stone.

Samscreen, Inc. manufactures replacement screens for many of the top equipment brands in the aggregate industry, such as Powerscreen, McCloskey and Screen Machine, and can quickly provide replacements year-round, as well as during the summer when the demand – and the wear and tear on machinery – increases.

Samscreen offers a variety of screen types for construction industry aggregates, including:

  • Piano Wire
  • Heavy Duty Piano Wire
  • Shaped Wire
  • Woven Wire Cloth
  • Maxwear Plate™

When you choose to work with Samscreen, you’ll have access to a staff that understands the needs of the construction aggregate industry, from our knowledgeable customer service representatives, to our engineers with years of experience in the aggregate industry. We’ll make sure that you order just the right screen for your application, and we’ll get it to you with a minimum of downtime – so you can get back to work quickly and meet the high demands of your industry.

To find out more, contact us online or call us at (888) 344-3653 and we will be happy to assist you.