Stainless or Maxwear™ Piano Wire Screens

Samscreen’s piano wire screens come standard with our premium grade music wire. This wire has to meet strict standards for uniform tensile strength and overall quality. It has been cold-drawn by the mill and has greater flex capacity than standard high-carbon wire.

This wire type is ideal for many piano wire applications… but what can you do if your material is wet, sticking to the wire and blinding over? What if your material is very dry and abrasive, and as a result is wearing out your wires prematurely?

You are really going to see a difference when you use our piano wire screens

To combat blinding issues from sticky material, and to avoid premature corrosion from moisture, opt for T304 stainless steel wire on your piano wire screens. This wire is slightly softer than music wire and not intended for high impact or abrasion wear.

For more abrasive applications, we offer our highest tensile strength wire – Maxwear Extended Life wire. Maxwear wire is manufactured to an even higher specification than our music wire. It has optimum strength, recoil and ductile strength.

When using a standard wire diameter, customers can achieve a wear life similar to that of a heavier wire, without sacrificing open area and maintaining excellent production.