MAXWEAR fully perforated steel drum screening challenging material
MAXWEAR fully perforated steel drum screening challenging material

MAX-Out Screening Capacity


Thanks to the Trommel Drum’s size and rotational screening motion, large amounts of wet, oddly shaped, and variably sized materials can be processed quickly and easily. Trommels are the draft horses of the screening industry, reliably handling large amounts of tricky material day in and day out, making them invaluable in many high demand applications.

MAX-Out Performance
& Wear Life

& Wear Life

A High Performance Trommel is a Perfectly Balanced Trommel. No matter the size, every one of Samscreen’s Trommels is carefully crafted with a perfectly smooth, perfectly circular Trunnion Ring or Raceway, ensuring faster, quieter, more efficient performance. Smoother, more efficient rotation, also translates into less wear and tear on trunnion wheels and eliminates unnecessary vibrational stress to the unit as a whole. This superior Trommel design constructed entirely from our high quality MAXWEAR steel means you get the reliable, long wearing, high performance work horse you need for your toughest jobs.

The Only Solution for…

The Only
Solution for…

Unique and challenging screening situations, such as High Dust Content Stone & Gravel, Processing Very Wet Material, Recycling of All Kinds, Tire Reclamation, Car Shredding, Construction & Demolition Processing, Organics with High Root Contamination, and Coal Production. The large capacity and constant rotation of the Trommel Drum doesn’t give these tricky materials a chance to pile up and clog screen openings, the way they would on a vibrating screen deck.

Get it Fast!

Get it Fast!

Samscreen designs and manufactures Trommel Drums faster than anyone else in the industry. From the custom CAD design and approval process, to manufacturing, to shipping – our lead time averages only 4 weeks.


For demanding & unique applications



We work closely with the original equipment manufacturers of the following machine models to design top quality, perfect fit Trommel Drums that perform exactly the way you need them to in the field!

  • Powerscreen 2100
  • Powerscreen Phoenix 3300

  • Powerscreen 620 Trommel

  • Powerscreen 725 Trommel
  • Powerscreen 830 Trommel
  • Fintec 8X30 Trommel

  • Retech 513 Trommel

  • Retech 621 Trommel
  • Retech 622 Trommel
  • Retech 627 Trommel
  • Retech 720 Trommel
  • Retech 723/723A Trommel

  • Retech 726 Trommel

  • McCloskey 407

  • McCloskey 412
  • McCloskey 512 A/R
  • McCloskey 512 RET/RT
  • McCloskey 516
  • McCloskey 616
  • McCloskey 621/628
  • McCloskey 733
  • Doppstadt SM 514 Trommel

  • Doppstadt SM 617 Trommel
  • Doppstadt SM 720 Trommel
  • Doppstadt SM 720K Trommel

  • Doppstadt SM 726K Trommel
  • Terra-Select Trommelscreen T3

  • Terra-Select Trommelscreen T5
  • Terra-Select Trommelscreen T6

  • Terra-Select Trommelscreen T7
  • Wildcat Trommel 510

  • Wildcat Trommel 516
  • Wildcat Trommel 516TX
  • Wildcat Trommel 521
  • Wildcat Trommel 626

  • Screen Machine 612 T Trommel

  • Screen Machine 612 W Trommel
  • Screen Machine Might II Trommel

  • Finlay 770W
  • Finlay 770T
  • Finlay 790

  • Vermeer Wildcat TR510

  • Vermeer Wildcat TR516
  • Vermeer Wildcat TR516TX
  • Vermeer Wildcat TR521
  • Vermeer Wildcat TR521 Tier 4i
  • Vermeer Wildcat TR626

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