Samscreen’s Perforated Plate Infused With Maxwear™ Technology

Perforated plate, also known as punch plate, is an essential part of many applications. Perforated plate is basically manufactured from plate steel, and contains regularly spaced holes varying in size, depending on the application. There are many different perforated plate manufacturers you can choose from, so you might be wondering what the advantages are to using Samscreen perforated plate.

The first advantage is that Samscreen’s perforated plate is manufactured using Maxwear™ steel, which is specially alloyed to provide wear resistance to impact and abrasion, leading to reduced maintenance. In turn, this results in less down time – there are fewer change-outs during production, which are extremely costly.

Another advantage to choosing Samscreen’s perforated Maxwear™ plate is that it will not stretch, so there is no re-tensioning required during the service life of the screen. Additionally, it offers more opening choices – round, hexagon, square or slotted openings, straight or staggered centers, precise, flexible configuration and virtually infinite pattern possibilities.

And, Samscreen perforated plate provides for enhanced screening efficiency. Perforations are staggered in direction of flow. The percentage of open area of perforated screen plate equals or exceeds the percentage of open area in wire cloth, in many cases. Additionally, Samscreen’s perforated plate features clean walled, conical, closely and uniformly spaced perforations, which results in a minimum of blinding. This is because material is always passing through a progressively larger opening

Also, custom engineering is never a problem. Samscreen perforated plate is manufactured to your specifications and offers:

  • 3- to- 5 -day shipping available — the fastest in the industry.
  • Through-hardened, “as rolled” plate.
  • Plate that is engineered, designed and customized — we provide you with the right solution.
  • CAD drawing design approval with each order
  • Steel mill certificates, which give you the confidence you are buying domestic, first-grade material.
  • Plate that is infused with Maxwear™ technology.

So if you’re in the market for perforated plate and want the best the industry has to offer, choose Samscreen’s Maxwear™ perforated plate. To learn more, call us today at (888) 344-3653 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.