Samscreen’s Engineers are Trommel Experts

Trommel screens have been around as long as their flat-deck counterparts and in certain applications perform better, especially with light and dirty materials. Over the last decade we have seen the evolution of the trommel and the arrival of European machines in the USA. The big names are Doppstadt, Komptec and Terra-Select, and what all the machines have in common is their drums lay flat and not on an angle like traditional trommels. Instead of using gravity and the angle of the drum to move material through the machine, their drums have an internal auger.

The advantages are many but some of the most compelling are the transport height, feed height and the ability to control the flow of material by the speed of the drum. Another not so obvious advantage is that they use a fully perforated drum made from steel as opposed to wire.

This fully perforated drum offers the producer significantly more open area than the traditional Skelton drum that is wrapped in wire or perforated plate, and is also lighter which saves on wear and tear and on energy need to turn it. A negative of the fully perforated drum is that you cannot change the openings and require another drum to make a different split. Each operator needs to assess their own circumstances and decide what is suitable for them.

Regardless which style of drum you require, Samscreen can manufacture it. If you require a fully perforated drum with multiple opening sizes on the same drum, that’s no problem. If you require a drum manufactured from AR plate, Samscreen can produce one from our special analysis Maxwear™ plate in a range of thicknesses. Samscreen’s advantages lie in the fact that we are a full-line perforator coupled with our ability to roll plates with our four roll CNC PLATE rollers and robotic welding cells.

Additionally, Samscreen engineers can travel to site and make drawings and engineering notes without shutting down the plant or removing of the existing drum. In fact, Samscreen as a full-line manufacturer and supplier of drums to trommel OEMs can provide a tailored approach and custom solution to almost any piece of trommel equipment.