Samscreen Solutions – Traveler Construction: Three Easy Pieces

Traveler Construction, a contract construction and demolition company located in upstate N.Y., was experiencing a crushing conundrum. The apron tip of their impact crusher was wearing out too quickly, and replacing it was a major chore, being that it was a more than 500-pound block. Not to mention, replacing the apron tip was cause for significant downtime, as it shut down the operation for six to eight hours each time it required replacement.

When Traveler contacted Samscreen, Inc., they needed not only a solution that would allow for greater wear of the apron tip, but also one that would prevent major downtime. We discussed their specific application, and as a result recommended our special-alloyed Maxwear™ 400 steel.

By custom-engineering the apron block liner in three pieces instead of the standard one-piece design, the weight is now manageable without a crane or a hoist. This has enabled the operator to change out the apron tips more quickly. And, Samscreen was able to send their order out in just over a week, allowing them to continue their operation without significant downtime.

As a result of this custom client solution, Traveler Construction is now achieving 3,000 more tons of material being crushed before change-outs by utilizing Samscreen’s Maxwear™ 400 steel, and when the plates are worn, replacing them is a far simpler task than it was in the past.

To learn more about Samscreen’s Maxwear™ steel products, please visit us our page, or call us at (888) 344-3653, and we will be more than happy to put a custom client solution to work for your company.