Samscreen Solutions – Trap Rock Materials: Woven Woes

Trap Rock Materials, a quarry stone producer in Indiana, was dealing with some woven screen woes. Their large stationary screening plant was fitted with standard woven screens. The machine was configured with bolt-down clamps to hold the woven screens in place. The plant superintendent was not only replacing the woven screens on a weekly basis, but also had to special-order clamp rails that would wear out after only three to four change outs. Their screening plant had several cross supports and crown bars. Larger slabs of rock would wedge between those and the openings of the woven, which would cause the bucker bars additional wear and knock off the crown bar rubber.

Trap Rock needed a solution that would withstand wear and tear and help eliminate the downtime caused by changing out screens and parts on such a frequent basis. Samscreen obtained the bolt hole locations in their screening plant, and then designed a heavy-duty punch plate using Maxwear™ steel that incorporated the bolt holes into the plate.

By adding countersunk bolt holes, the bolt heads recessed into the plate – protecting them from larger rocks. This measure also eliminated the need for separate orders for bolt-down clamps. The cross bars and crown bars were also blanked out in the punch plate, which protected the machine and eliminated the rocks that were plugging up in between the crown bars and openings.

As a result of the solution provided by Samscreen, Trap Rock’s Maxwear™ punch plates last at least four times longer than the woven screens they used to purchase, and have removed a lot of the unnecessary maintenance that used to be required. This, in turn, has eliminated the downtime costs that once plagued their operation.

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