Samscreen Punch Plate Q&A

If you’re in the market for top-quality screening and crushing products, Samscreen, Inc. has you covered. That’s because we offer a wide range of replacement parts for virtually all makes and models of equipment used in the aggregate field. One such product is Samscreen punch plate. But what makes it better than other punch plate available on the market? Read on to find the answer to that question and more.

Q. What is punch plate?

A. Punch plate is a heavy-duty screener, which is manufactured from plate steel and contains regularly spaced holes varying in size, depending on the application.

Q. Are there any other names for punch plate?

A. Yes, punch plate is also referred to as perforated plate.

Q. What makes Samscreen punch plate a superior product?

A. Samscreen’s punch plate is manufactured using Maxwear™ steel, which is specially alloyed to provide wear resistance to impact and abrasion.

Q. Does Samscreen provide a variety of choices with their punch plate line?

A. Yes, definitely! Whether you need round, hexagon, square, or slotted with straight or staggered centers, Samscreen’s punch plate offers precise, flexible configuration and virtually infinite pattern possibilities.

Q. But can Samscreen’s punch plate help with efficiency?

A. Samscreen punch plate offers excellent screening efficiency because perforations are staggered in the direction of flow. The percentage of open area of punch screen plate equals or exceeds the percentage of open area of wire cloth in many cases.

Q. Is Samscreen punch plate easy to purchase?

A. Absolutely. You may purchase Samscreen punch plate either from your distributor, or you may buy directly from them. Ordering is as simple as calling (888) 344-3653, or using their convenient online form.

Aside from all these great benefits, Samscreen punch plate is available with three-to-five day shipping – the fastest in the industry. Our through hardened, as rolled punch plate is engineered, designed and customized, and we’ll provide you with a CAD drawing design for your approval with each order. Infused with Maxwear™ technology, we provide steel mill certificates with our punch plate, which give you the confidence you are buying domestic, first-grade material. If you need punch plate, give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.