Proper Care of the Screens on Your Machines

Samscreen, Inc. manufactures some of the best screens in the aggregate business. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with just the right screens for their equipment and applications, and with proper maintenance, our screens are built to last for long periods of time. But no matter how well built our screens are, they still need appropriate care for best durability. How can you make sure that your screens work for you and help you maintain an optimal level of workflow?

Know Your Aggregate: It almost goes without saying that different types of aggregate will have varying effects on screening materials. For instance, clay is extremely sticky and wet, while coal is very corrosive. While almost all aggregates have abrasive properties, some are harsher than others and will affect the screens in a more marked fashion. The type of screen you use based on the application is important – the wrong screen for the job will not only slow production, but it will also increase the time you need to spend on care and maintenance.

Clean-Up: Obviously, a quarry or any type of mining operation is going to be dusty, dirty and elementally harsh. That’s why it’s so important to clean your screens on a regular basis. Sometimes, proper cleaning is overlooked because it means downtime in production, but it’s important to consider the short amount of downtime it takes for a clean-up, as opposed to the longer time you’ll spend ordering and replacing.

Lubricate: Proper lubrication of screening equipment is absolutely essential for many reasons. This equipment runs in extreme operating conditions, and because of the dust and abrasion, poor lubrication can result in accelerated wear and tear on equipment. You can manually lubricate your system on a weekly basis, or invest in an automatic lubrication system.

Inspect: Checking your equipment and screens on a regular basis will help ensure that your screen is operating properly and is not suffering from any type of damage or occlusion that could hinder production. Scheduled inspections will help you prepare for the need for new screens or replacement parts, so that you’ll have what you need in advance and reduce downtime.

If you need advice on the proper maintenance of any of Samscreen’s screening materials, please feel free to contact us online or call us at (888) 344-3653, and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.