Maxwear™ Manganese Crushing Jaws & Cones

Maxwear™ Manganese Jaws & Cones

Samscreen manufacturers all types of crusher liners for jaws, cones and impact crushers, using our own Maxwear™ special analysis steel.

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Product Description

Samscreen offers jaws and cones in our Maxwear™ manganese in three grades depending on the crushing conditions encountered — 14%, 18-19% and 21-23%. These wear liners offer excellent wear life and fit and go through a rigorous quality control process which not only checks the metallurgy and casting soundness but also the quality of finish machining. Samscreen’s engineers will gladly review any crushing problems you maybe encountering and develop a customized solution to your unique problem. Whether it be recommending a different metallurgy or designing customized jaw profiles and geometries, you will be assured of our complete focus on providing you with an excellent solution.

In its raw state, manganese is considered a relatively soft metal, coming in at around 250 Brinells. After it has work-hardened, it has a wear surface of around 600-700 Brinells – making it a perfect metal for use in crushing applications. Samscreen’s engineers can discuss your application with you and determine a custom geometry and profile for any given situation. And what’s more, all Samscreen manganese is finish-machined, which ensures consistent fit quality.


Samscreen provides three grades of Maxwear™ Manganese, depending on the crushing conditions encountered:

  • 14% – Used in general crushing applications, for a mixture of aggregate that is simpler to crush.
  • 18% – Used where there are some wear concerns, but have a more consistent product. Best when used when you know what you’re crushing and the material has a known wear profile.
  • 21% – This is generally reserved for very hard rock and aggregate where there is a lot of gradient.

Samscreen stocks a large number of castings for most crushing equipment. Call us today at (888) 344-3653 for more detailed information.

The Samscreen Difference

Crusher Wear Parts

  • Best, most cost-effective crusher castings on the market (cost per ton produced)
  • Custom Engineered Solutions (geometries, profiles, metallurgies)
  • Chemical and mechanical certifications and traceability
  • Quality (Tier 1 Foundry)
  • Fit: each piece finish machined
  • Xray testing (checking for voids and soundness)

The Samscreen Difference

  • Industry leading turnaround time
  • Infused with MaxWear technologies (maximum wear life)
  • Backed by the Samscreen Wear Cost Guarantee (best, most cost-effective product on the market based on cost per ton produced)
  • Fully integrated manufacturing
  • CNC Rolling, CNC Machining
  • In-house Engineering
  • Customization and per-approval drawings for each order
  • Use of domestic raw materials with certifications and traceability
  • ISO Compliant
  • Wide industry knowledge and experience