No Distributor? No Problem – Buy Direct from Samscreen.

When you’re looking for replacement screening and crushing parts, of course the best place to start is with your distributor. But what can you do if you don’t know who your distributor is, or if there isn’t one in your area? When you choose to work with Samscreen, Inc., the solution is simple. That’s because you can buy screener and crusher replacement parts directly from us, easily and with minimal downtime.

If you do have official distribution or an established dealer in your area, contacting them is always the right choice. Why? Because they have a relationship with us, and have likely worked with us for years. They’re knowledgeable and can easily help connect you to the right replacement parts for the job. And if you’re not sure who your local dealer is, Samscreen will be pleased to connect you. However, if you simply do not have a distributor in your region, Samscreen is more than happy to work directly with you to help you get the parts you need, fast.

Traditionally, Samscreen has not sold directly to end users, which has created a problem for aggregate businesses located in areas where no distributor relationship exists. Samscreen has recognized that this is an issue, and over the past year we’ve made strides to help consumers who need to purchase screener and crusher parts directly. We’ve recreated our website to make it more user-friendly, easier to navigate and a venue for ordering parts directly. As a result, several Samscreen customers who do not have the benefit of working with a distributor are now easily able to buy direct.

You might worry that purchasing screening and crushing parts directly might be confusing or difficult. This is not the case, when you choose to work with a trusted manufacturer like Samscreen. There are several benefits to buying directly from us, which include:

  • The Best Solutions: Since Samscreen is the manufacturer, we know their product best and can advise you of the optimal solutions for your screening and crushing needs.
  • Speed: When you order directly from Samscreen, you’ll receive the parts you need with minimal downtime.
  • Easy Communication: You’ll have the benefit of working directly with customer service representatives at Samscreen.
  • Access to Experience: Samscreen’s engineers, sales staff and customer service representatives are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to our replacement product lineup.
  • Custom Built: Samscreen creates custom engineered solutions for your exact equipment and situation, to meet your exact needs.
  • One-Stop Shopping: Samscreen provides a wide range of replacement parts for most popular makes and models of screening and crushing equipment.
  • Choice of Pick-Up or Delivery: While Samscreen is happy to deliver their parts directly to you, picking up directly at our Conklin, N.Y. facility is always an option for those wishing to save on shipping costs.

If you’ve been holding off on getting the replacement parts you need because you don’t have a distributor relationship, the wait is over. Explore our website today, or contact Samscreen directly at (888) 344-3653, and one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.