• Trommel Drum Screens and Their Applications

    If you’re an aggregate worker who spends every day out in the field, you probably already know what applications most require the use of trommel drum screens. But if you’re an office worker who has been tasked with finding out about certain products, or if you’re relatively new to the aggregate field, sometimes things can […]

  • Why Choose Samscreen’s Shaped Wire Screens?

    If you work in the aggregate field, then chances are you know how important it is to have the right screen for particular materials. Shaped wire screens, for instance, are classified as non-woven wire screens and offer unique benefits and solutions. Because they are not woven, each wire acts independently, making shaped wire an excellent […]

  • Samscreen Offers Trommel Screens for a Wide Range of Manufacturers

    When you’re in the market for a replacement screen for your trommel machine, Samscreen can help. Our full lineup of trommel screens (commonly called drums) is extensive, and compatible with many of the leading manufacturers. Portable trommel machines are convenient – they can save you both time and money, because they’re easily transported to various […]

  • Infused with Maxwear™ Technology, Samscreen’s Woven Wire Screen is the Best in the Business

    Not all woven wire cloth is created equally. If you’re not choosing Samscreen’s woven wire cloth, then you’re missing out on the Samscreen Difference. Just like all of our products, Samscreen woven wire cloth is made according to strict manufacturing standards that make a big difference to you, our end consumers. Samscreen can provide you […]

  • Samscreen Trommel Screens March to the Beat of Many Different “Drums”

    If you’re looking for a replacement screen for your trommel machines, Samscreen can help. We manufacture a full line of trommel drums and screens that are compatible with the industry’s leading manufacturers of trommel machines, like McCloskey, Doppstadt, Powerscreen, and many more. Trommel, which comes from the German word for “drum”, is a screened cylinder […]

  • Downtime Costs – Order Your Samscreen Products Ahead!

    When you work in the aggregate industry, it’s imperative that the equipment you use is always in excellent working condition. Samscreen knows that downtime can be very costly – even a few hours slows production and causes delays. Days of downtime can be damaging to your business – and your reputation. That’s why it’s important […]