• Samscreen Solutions – Tri Star Developing: A Sizing Situation

    Tri Star Developing, a construction company based in Connecticut, was having some issues with screen sizing. They were screening topsoil with a side-tensioned, direct-feed screening plant, and couldn’t size the material to ½” – without blinding over the bottom deck screen. Samscreen worked with Tri Star to evaluate their screening process, and as a result […]

  • Samscreen Solutions – Trap Rock Materials: Woven Woes

    Trap Rock Materials, a quarry stone producer in Indiana, was dealing with some woven screen woes. Their large stationary screening plant was fitted with standard woven screens. The machine was configured with bolt-down clamps to hold the woven screens in place. The plant superintendent was not only replacing the woven screens on a weekly basis, […]

  • Material Screening Calculator [INFOGRAPGIC]

    Calculating screen area is helpful when you are trying to select the screen type that will most efficiently handle your particular application. In order to assist you in calculating the appropriate screen area, we’ve created this chart that will assist you. Please refer to the chart when considering the proper screening material, and contact us […]

  • Samscreen Solutions – A. Taylor: “Tension” Headaches

    A. Taylor, a sand and gravel producer based in Massachusetts, was having some major concerns over screening. The screens in their Eagle® screening plant were breaking apart from the impact wear off the feeder belt. That’s when they called Samscreen, Inc. for assistance. Samscreen discussed better options in screening media with A. Taylor, and we […]

  • Samscreen Solutions – Traveler Construction: Three Easy Pieces

    Traveler Construction, a contract construction and demolition company located in upstate N.Y., was experiencing a crushing conundrum. The apron tip of their impact crusher was wearing out too quickly, and replacing it was a major chore, being that it was a more than 500-pound block. Not to mention, replacing the apron tip was cause for […]

  • Summertime Screening Applications

    If you’ve ever taken the scenic (or not-so-scenic) route on your way to a summertime getaway, you’ve probably encountered some construction delays along the way. During the summer months in the Northeast, the construction industry gets to work paving and repairing roads before the chill of winter hits once again. And because the construction industry […]