FR Consulting, LLC – Loves the Quality of Our Piano Wire Screens

When Stephen Forker’s clients have an emergency, they rely on him to get them the screening equipment they need to get their business back up and running – so Forker relies on Samscreen.

Forker, who owns the Sharon Center, Ohio-based company FR Consulting, LLC, works primarily as a conduit for companies that process aggregate materials and landscaping materials, as well as recycling operations and electric power companies.

“We consult with companies and make recommendations for them regarding equipment purchasing and equipment usage, and provide cost saving management advice and short-term project management,” Forker said.

Forker, who provides his services to companies in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, relies on Samscreen for many of the products his clients require – screen cloth, piano wire screens, crusher wear parts and trommel drums. “Samscreen manufactures all their items to the highest industry standard, and maintain this standard on a consistent basis,” he said. “This allows us the comfort of knowing that when we use or recommend their products, we will not have any issues due to the products they supply.”

Forker said that another reason he trusts Samscreen is because of their broad knowledge base. “In our experience, they have the most knowledge of the numerous manufacturers and models of machines available; thus, they can make the correct sized piece for any make or model.” Which is a significant time-saver, according to Forker. “This saves us having to go to multiple different suppliers or through manufacturer’s distributors to obtain the parts we need – and this saves our customers time and money.”

But perhaps the greatest benefit of working with Samscreen that Forker has found has to do with their reliability, and personal attention to their customers. “Samscreen always delivers on time, even in emergency situations,” Forker said, recalling a time when a client needed replacement parts – and in a hurry.

“One of our customers urgently needed parts in order to proceed with a job,” Forker said. “We called Samscreen at 4 p.m. and apprised Fintan Fleming of our situation. Samscreen made the parts we needed that night and had one of their employees drive them to us. The parts arrived on site by 6 a.m. the next morning.”

For all these reasons, Forker said he would not hesitate to recommend Samscreen to others. “We trust Samscreen to provide consistently high-quality product and service. We know that when we refer our clients to them, they’ll receive nothing but the best,” Forker said.