Need Shaped Wire Screens? Trust Samscreen.

If you like Major Wire’s Flex-Mat, you might want to give Samscreen’s shaped wire screens a second look. Samscreen offers MAX-S, MAX-D and MAX-V shaped wire, specifically manufactured for a variety of screening applications.

Developed in the tradition of Samscreen’s hugely successful Kleenskreen™ self-cleaning finger deck solution, Samscreen’s MAX-S, MAX-V and MAX-D shaped wire screens offer distinct advantages over other screens. When dealing with the dual problems of blinding and pegging and use of Samscreen’s piano wire screens is not feasible due to ‘flats’ or tight specifications, shaped wire screens offers the solution and advantages of producing tighter specifications and having the ability to self clean.

Shaped wire screens are classified as non-woven wire screens and offer unique benefits and solutions because they are not woven. They are in fact a collection of individual wires, which allows each wire to act independently of each other, setting up its own harmonics and frequency, which, in turn, prevents the material being screened from ‘bridging’ from wire to wire, which is the necessary starting condition for ‘blinding’. (Think of strumming a guitar – each wire is moving which makes the surface fluid and dynamic.)

Samscreen offers “shaped wire screens” in three unique configurations, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution to your screening needs

The “MAX-S” pattern shaped wire screen is essentially a piano wire screen with each wire being crimped. During the material stratification process, a phenomenon occurs where the long dimension of ‘flats’ (generally defined as the largest dimension of a particle being 3X greater than the narrow dimension) align themselves with the direction of material flow. The crimping of the wire prevents the ‘flats’ from passing.

“MAX-V” pattern shaped wire screen is a piano wire screen with alternating straight and crimped wires, which allows the producer to make a spec product. MAX-V shape wire offers a number of advantages, including a high percentage of open area and resistance to blinding when screening high moisture products. Additionally, Samscreen’s MAX-V shape wire works well because the straight wire is heavier than the crimped wire and carries the load on the deck, while the crimped wire impedes the bridging of particles from wire to wire.

“MAX-D” pattern shaped wire screen is a hybrid of a piano wire screen and a woven screen. It has the same self-cleaning ability as piano wire but enables the producer to make spec material, normally only obtainable to those who screen with two-dimensional screening media. Samscreen’s MAX-D shape wire provides the ability to produce spec product with self-cleaning action, and is offered in both end-tensioned and side-tensioned panels. It features poured polyurethane strips that will not separate during use, and is made using premium grade music wire.

Of course, the main advantage of choosing Samscreen’s shaped wire screens is that it is backed by the Samscreen Difference. When you choose Samscreen shape wire, you’ll get a product that is 100 percent made in the USA from 100 percent domestic raw materials. You’ll have the advantage of one-to-two day lead times coupled with Samscreen’s unrivaled and superior customer service and quality. Samscreen works hard to help their customers eliminate the costs associated with downtime by providing you with the product you need to get back up and running fast.

So if you’ve used Flex-Mat in the past, consider trying Samscreen’s shapes wire screens offerings. Whether you need MAX-S, MAX-D or MAX-V, you’ll find that Samscreen shaped wire offers distinct advantages that can get your machines back to running smoothly in no time.