Maximize Your Topsoil Production with Piano Wire Screens

The Kleenskreen™ Finger Deck will remove grass, roots and trash from your soil and will allow the maximum amount of clean material to pass to the next deck. Combining the Kleenskreen Finger Deck with a Samscreen piano wire screen on the bottom deck will increase your tons per hour and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning off the decks.

Our Kleenskreen Finger Deck is rugged and durable, made of high-grade domestic materials. The system is designed and manufactured to outlast and outperform any comparable finger deck on the market.

Features of the Kleenskreen Finger Deck  with Piano Wire Screen include:

  • Very little (if any) deck modification needed to install;
  • Completely modular in design;
  • Openings can be changed by merely changing the removable rod blocks. Individual rods are also replaceable.
  • Can be fitted to almost any deck configuration

Increase your topsoil production – and your profits – by using a Kleenskreen Finger Deck and a Samscreen piano wire screen. Contact us today to learn more about these and other great Samscreen products.