Mann’s Landscaping: Helping a New Business Get Down to the Wire

Mann’s Landscaping, a landscaping and topsoil business located in New York, was experiencing some growing pains. Although experienced in the landscaping and soil industry, this client was starting his own business and needed some support in terms of understanding the options available for his particular portable screening plant. He had purchased his screening plant used, and the woven screens that came with the machine were worn and failing.

That’s when he contacted Samscreen, Inc.

Samscreen first obtained some background information to better understand the customer’s particular challenges. After gathering information on the customer’s specific application, it was clear that the old screens would never deliver the results needed. Furthermore, the customer’s used machine had been modified. Reinforcing plates had been welded to the sides, making the screen box slightly narrower than normal.

Next, the client sent Samscreen some digital photos and measurements of the machinery. As a result, Samscreen was able to produce a custom heavy-duty piano wire screen that not only fit the machine perfectly, but delivered the sizing results and throughput needed to assist this new business in getting started in their competitive suburban market.

Mann’s Landscaping reported that their screen was perfectly sized and easy to install. They appreciated the personal attention they received, and look forward to working with Samscreen as their business expands.

To learn more about Samscreen’s custom piano wire solutions, please visit us online, or call us at (888) 344-3653, and we will be more than happy to put a custom client solution to work for your company.