Got a Tough Screening Application? Use “Perforated Plate” Screen from Samscreen.

We proudly offer perforated plate screens, manufactured with Maxwear™ plate. Used for the toughest screening applications, Maxwear™ perforated plate is comprised of special alloyed steel that provides wear resistance to both impact and abrasion – and that means reduced maintenance.

When you’re in a business that requires extensive screening, like quarrying or mining, you know that the screen you use is as important as the materials you’re screening. You need a screen that is durable, sized properly and can withstand even the toughest of conditions. That’s where Samscreen comes in.

Perforated Plate screens are stronger so they last longer in your tough applications

Consider the benefits that perforated plate can offer. For instance, with Maxwear™ plate, you’ll get enhanced screen life, because the special alloyed steel provides wear resistance to outlast any oil-tempered wire cloth. And that leads to reduced down time, because you won’t have to make as many change-outs during production. Additionally, Maxwear™ plate is available in 235 and 400 alloys and is through-hardened.

Plus, because there is no stretch to Maxwear™ plate screens, no re-tensioning is required. Additionally, there is greater screen frame protection because blanked areas are designed and engineered into the screen. Because these screens offer round, hexagon, square or slotted openings and with straight or staggered centers, the pattern possibilities are virtually infinite. Not to mention, perforated plate offers a wide range of thickness for each opening size, and bar width and plate thickness can be separately specified to attain desired open space while maintaining increased wear life.

Maxwear™ perforated plate screens are efficient, too. Perforations are staggered in the direction of flow, which means the percentage of open area of the perforated screen plate equals or exceeds the percentage of open area in wire cloth in many cases. And because Maxwear™ plate screen features clean walled, conical, uniformly spaced perforations, the result is a minimum of blinding, since the material is always passing through a progressively larger opening.

And, Samscreen prides itself on providing our Maxwear™ perforated plate screen to you faster than any other manufacturer in the industry. When you choose us, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that we work hard to eliminate downtime for you, all while providing unparalleled quality and service. So when you need perforated plate screens, count on Samscreen. Call us at (888) 344-3653, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.