Tison Machinery: Piano Wire Woes KO’d by Samscreen’s Quick Response

Tison Machinery, a machine rental business located in Oklahoma, recently ran into some issues when their usual wire supplier ran out of stock. Tison had been using a wire supplier that imported screens from overseas. While they had been receiving regular deliveries from their supplier, they found themselves out of luck when their order of 4mm piano wire could not be fulfilled. That was when Tison contacted Samscreen, Inc.

Samscreen first gathered information on the screening plants that their rental client would be using. After gathering the information on the machine make and model, Samscreen knew the correct panel sizes they required and were able to ship out the order for three sets of custom piano wire the very next day.

By getting the piano wire screens sent out right away, Tison Machinery was able to keep their rental agreement and get their new client out of a bind. Tison was impressed with the quick service and delivery they received from Samscreen. They reported that the machine is working well, and they produced all their road sand requirements without any additional delays awaiting the imported wire.

To learn more about Samscreen’s piano wire products, please visit us online, or call us at (888) 344-3653, and we will be more than happy to put a custom client solution to work for your company.