Samscreen Gets to the «Root» of the Problem With Kleenskreen™

Do you ever find that grass and small roots are clogging your bottom deck piano wire screens? This is the problem Pulse Sand and Gravel of New Jersey was having during their spring season when they called Samscreen, their piano wire screen supplier. They wanted to know what could be done to alleviate their issues and if there was an economical solution. They were stopping the feed to their screen deck twice per day and needed to clean the deck prior to leaving for the evening. Figuring they were getting almost 200 TPH of 3mm mortar sand from their Powerscreen 4 x 8 Commander, these stoppages were costing them 400 tons in lost production every day.

Samscreen proposed that they use a Kleenskreen™ finger deck, explaining that the unique action of the specially- hardened fingers would remove most of the grass and roots causing the problem and allow cleaner sand to pass down to the piano wire deck below.

Plant superintendent Chad Kenny was skeptical at first, but agreed because of Samscreen’s performance as a supplier of their piano wire and figured that Samscreen would not want to jeopardize Pulse as a customer.

Samscreen sent one of its field engineers onsite to measure up the box and make sure that a standard installation was possible. The Kleenskreen™ solution was shipped on time and within a week of the order, installed in less than half a day, and has run without incident since, without the need to stop the screen during production. Chad figured that the solution paid for itself on the second day of use and has converted another fixed screening plant to the Kleenskreen™ system.