On the Skids: Perforated Plate Benefits from Skid Bars

Samscreen’s Maxwear™ punch plate or perforated plate screens are a very versatile screening surface.  As part of an engineered screening solution, there are many different ways to build customized and highly effective solutions for each producers needs.

Multiple holes shapes, blanked out areas and multiple thickness and chemistries are available but one area not given a lot of attention is the ability to add skid bars.  Skids on punch plate are generally 1″x 3″ high bars that are welded to the screen surface at predetermined intervals and run parallel to the flow of material.

The big advantage is that when run of mine material or crusher run hits the scalping deck, the skids keep the large particles off the screen surface which protects the surface but also allows the smaller particles to pass.  In a sense, it’s a two plane screening surface which is highly effective and efficient.  The skids also prolong the life of the screen.

A secondary advantage is on side tensioned decks, where the material has a tendency to flow to the sides of the deck because of the curvature of the screen.  Skids on punch plate will cause the material to flow down the deck in the portion of the deck it was fed on.