Retech Trommel Machine Replacement Parts from Samscreen

Retech Trommel Machine Replacement PartsRetech is an industry leader in the production high quality trommel machines.

Retech trommel machines offer innovative features and benefits.

Samscreen prides itself on manufacturing replacement trommel drum screens that are customized and fully compatible with Retech trommel machines. Samscreen will deliver customized solutions to keep your Retech trommel machines up and running at maximum production and profit. Samscreen custom manufactures a full line of products that are compatible with these Retech models:

  • 513
  • 621
  • 622
  • 627
  • 720
  • 723 / 723A
  • 726

To find out how we can provide a custom solution for your Retech trommel machine today, simply call us at (888) 344-3653 and we will be happy to assist you with your replacement trommel drum screen needs.

Samscreen is pleased to offer a wide variety of replacement trommel products including:

  • Complete Replacement Trommel Drums
  • Samscreen is pleased to provide complete trommel replacement units, the ideal solution to your replacement screen needs. We offer trommel replacement units for virtually every application, and for the industry’s leading brands of trommel equipment.

  • Punch Plate Trommel Drums
  • If you need a trommel screen replacement for your heavy-duty screening application, Samscreen can provide you with an economical solution. Samscreen can wrap your existing trommel drum unit with our exclusive Maxwear™ punch plate.

  • Trommel Units Wrapped with Woven Wire
  • Samscreen can provide an economical solution to your replacement trommel
    drum screen needs. We have the capability of wrapping your existing
    trommel drum unit with our woven wire cloth screen made from galvanized
    or carbon steel.

For your convenience, we are pleased to provide replacement trommel products for many additional machine types and brands: