Clamp Rail Entry Form

Please fill out the form below or download this form and fax it to us at: 607-722-7128 or email quote@samscreen.com


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    Total length of clamp rail (inches):

    Clamp rail thickness (our standard is ¼”):

    Number of bolt holes:

    Type of bolt hole:

    Size of bolt hole:

    Bolt hole spacing:

    Length of leg from angle to angle:

    Length from edge to center bolt hole:

    Bottom Leg Length:

    Bottom leg Degree of bend:

    Top of Leg Length (to outside bend):

    Top Leg Degree of Bend

    Manufacture & Model of screening plant:

    Special Details

    *Note, we have several standard formats on file based on the make of machine - ask the Samscreen Rep if we have one
    for your machine. Also, we can accept a clamp rail tracing, but will need to have certain dimensions given in order to
    make sure it’s to a proper scale.
    Please contact us if any questions – 800-667-4767. You may also download this form and fax it to us at: 607-722-7128 or email quote@samscreen.com