Branching Out into Colored Mulch? Choose a Samscreen Trommel Drum.

If you’re in the business of recycling old wood and lumber into landscaping materials, you might want to consider adding colored mulch to your offerings. Both professional landscapers and weekend warriors alike enjoy using colored mulches because of their diverse usage and appearance. Chances are, you already have a trommel machine that you use for separating and sizing your wood chips, but did you know you can also use it to create colored mulch?

A trommel is a screened cylinder that is used to separate aggregates according to size. These screens are particularly effective on lighter, wetter materials like mulch. This is because they provide a constant tumbling action that stirs up the material, adding air to lighten it, keeping it in closer contact with the rotating screen. This allows more materials to slip through faster and easier.

Trommel drums can add to your profits by serving the dual purpose of sorting mulch chips and coloring them as well. To use your trommel for coloring mulch, first seal your drum with plastic. Then, insert a spray bar attached to a color pump. That way, you’ll be able to produce perfectly colored mulch using a minimal amount of colorant. You’ll save money by needing to use less colorant, and make money by gaining the ability to increase your product line.

Samscreen, Inc. offers replacement trommel drums for a wide assortment of trommel machines. We manufacture a full line of trommel drums that are compatible with the industry’s leading manufacturers of trommel machines, such as:

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