• Ordering Woven Wire Cloth from Samscreen? Be Specific!

    When ordering woven wire cloth from Samscreen, it’s helpful if you have a few specifics in place prior to calling us. If you follow the helpful tips below, ordering your woven wire cloth – and receiving it with a minimum of downtime – should be a breeze. Measure Twice: For flat woven wire screens without […]

  • Harp Screen Installation & Removal 101 – Tips from Samscreen

    Samscreen, Inc. has long been recognized as the leading manufacturer of piano wire screens, also known as harp screens, for the portable screening market. We manufacture harp screens for all makes and models of portable screening plants, and can custom manufacture screens for special applications and machines. Our experienced customer service staff can help you […]

  • Why Woven Wire from Samscreen?

    We know that there are a lot of choices in the market when it comes to woven wire cloth, but when you choose Samscreen’s woven wire, you’re also getting a high-quality product with a minimum of downtime. Samscreen has a wide range of woven wire cloth with different hook and edge styles. Shrouding materials include […]

  • Samscreen Piano Wire Screen – Is It Harp Screen?

    You’re a Samscreen customer. You know our products are high quality, custom engineered and made for you with minimal downtime in mind, so you can get back up and running quickly. But say you’re tasked with purchasing harp screen, and you don’t see that among Samscreen’s offerings. Not to worry – our piano wire screens […]

  • Choose Quality. Choose Samscreen’s Shaped Wire Screens

    When you’re in the market for shaped wire screens, you have options. But if you want shaped wire that is high quality, manufactured under the strictest standards and made from the finest materials, Samscreen shaped wire screen is the clear choice. Samscreen is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. That means that Samscreen’s shaped wire screen […]

  • Trommel Drum Screens and Their Applications

    If you’re an aggregate worker who spends every day out in the field, you probably already know what applications most require the use of trommel drum screens. But if you’re an office worker who has been tasked with finding out about certain products, or if you’re relatively new to the aggregate field, sometimes things can […]